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PCF Investment Banking team brings together savvy and reliable financial experts, highly seasoned in the Romanian financial landscape, with a common set of values, rooted in integrity and excellence.

Our collective experience covers everything from market fundamentals and financial analysis to overseeing the entire transaction process.

Our in-depth knowledge of the market gives us a unique vantage point in all the stages of a transaction, to the benefit of our clients.
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    Mihai Iordan
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    Mihai Murgu
With more than 20 years of experience in the corporate finance landscape, Mihai closely advises executives across both private and public sectors on high stakes transactions, bringing a particular flair and strategic insight of the Romanian financial sector to the table.

Mihai is the PCF’s founder and his work experience spans across structured finance, debt raise, private equity and M&A.
Mihai is a Partner at PCF Investment Banking and heads our firm's Structured Finance transaction team, covering everything from leveraged buyouts to syndications and club loans.

Results driven and client oriented, Mihai helps complex organizations to structure, negotiate, implement and manage large-scale transactions aimed to reduce liquidity risk, optimize the capital structure, increase effectiveness and boost organizational agility.