In the last 15 years, we have actively witnessed the transformation of the local market and helped our customers better understand and navigate complex financial processes from structured corporate finance to private equity and M&A deals.

The combined work experience of our senior team, together with a deep understanding of the Romanian financial market, gave us a distinctive perspective. We gathered insights of the many challenges that both local and international companies face today in dealing with a volatile and ever-changing landscape and transformed them into assets.

Our work begins with understanding all the aspects of our clients’ business, their needs and expectations and assessing the right partners to achieve maximum results.

    corporate finance

    We work closely with our clients in securing the right financing structures for their business needs, whether they envisage new investment opportunities or raising working capital for the day-to-day operations cycle.

    Our expertise covers everything, from raising capital through club or syndicated loans to infrastructure financing, project financing, restructuring existing loans or securing working capital.

    We offer support in defining and assessing the best methods for funding our client’s business decisions, through an in-depth analysis and forecast of its current and future financial performance and an A-to-Z approach from the initial assessment to closing the deal with the selected financial institutions.


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      Private Equity
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      Private Debt

    Private Funds

    Private equity is a form of alternative investment and refers to a set of capital assets that are not available for trading on a public market. As opposed to stock ownership, private equity typically refers to private ownership.

    Either you seek an exit from the company’s ownership structure or you want to fund a new investment, private equity may be the right decision.
    To ensure the best possible outcome, our consultants begin by assessing your company’s strong points and identifying & profiling the right investors on your behalf.

    Our team handles the entire process, from the initial assessment to mapping the most suitable investors and matching them to the existent key opportunities to closing the deal.
    Raising capital through private debt is one of the many strategies your company can adopt in order to further expand its business, pursue a business opportunity or manage its operations, without carrying the limitations of the traditional financing from a commercial bank.
    Depending on the type of capital you seek or the ventures you want to finance, various approaches are recommended. Two of the most accessed courses of action are:
    Private Corporate Bonds

    Non-listed bonds that companies may issue to potential investors in order to raise capital for their projects. Through private placement, businesses can raise money, while remaining a private company and avoiding a bank funding. A bond will function as a loan between the company and the investor and will give the former a greater flexibility of operation, in contrast with a bank loan that usually comes with a set of restrictive covenants that can hamper the company’s operations.
    Mezzanine Financing

    A form of financing that draws features from both traditional debt and equity, being often referred as a hybrid financing option. Mezzanine financing is best suited for established businesses of small and medium sizes that are looking to fund growth and expansion projects. This form of financing grants a high flexibility and allows owners to retain control of the strategic direction of the company as the mezzanine lenders are usually passive lenders.


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      Sell Side
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      Buy Side

    Mergers and acquisitions

    We help maximize the client’s exit by thoroughly mapping and profiling the potential buyers and their key interests in the market. Our primary goal is to protect the interests of the seller, while closing the transaction at the best possible price.

    PCF’s consultants will guide the client through all the steps of the process from the initial assessment and preparatory work to negotiating and closing the deal, fitted to the client’s expectations.
    We help buyers find the most suitable investment solutions. When representing a buyer through a M&A transaction, we start with a thorough evaluation of the potential acquisition target in order to establish the optimal price and structure of the transaction.
    Our consultants will support the buyer/investor on every step of the transaction from the initial market analysis, target identification and transaction rationale to closing the deal.